Legal Zoom is Dangerous

$50,000 guarantee is deceptive

The so called  “Legal Zoom $50,000. Peace of mind guarantee” is a bunch of bull.

Here’s what it says:

” If your (Legal Document Name)  is found by a court of competent jurisdiction within the United States to be invalid solely because it was created online through an internet website, we will pay you $50,000.”

All a person has to do is use their common sense to see right through this sales gimmick.  Any lawyer will tell you that courts don’t invalidate any documents on the basis of the physical mechanism with which it was created.

It would be like a court saying that a document created on a typewriter is more valid than one created with a word processor.  Courts have the power to interpret legal instruments.  Considerations concerning proper execution, undue influences on the signer, ambiguities in provisions and other issues can impact the interpretation of legal documents.

It is safe to say that no court has ever invalidated a legal document solely because it was created on the internet or a typewriter or word processor whether Legal Zoom was involved or not.

Smart consumers will see this pitch for the ploy that it is.  In fact, if a real attorney would say such a thing he or she could be disciplined under ethics rules for deceptive advertising.  It seems that legal Zoom will say anything to get your money.

beware of the non lawyer