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welcome to our online law firm

Your Lawyer is Online

We couldn’t be more pleased to open what we believe is the first law office of its kind, providing all of our legal services to clients online. Our goal is to have the same personal connection with our clients that we have in our regular offices.  Even though the office is online, we still use […]

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bad divorce

Increase the Agony of Divorce

I came across this list of top ten things to do if you want to have a horrible, difficult divorce. 1.  Lie. 2.  Get your kids involved. 3.  Start dating immediately. 4.  Raid the bank accounts. 5.  Start making big purchases. 6.  Don’t do anything. 7.  Don’t listen to your lawyer; take legal advice from […]

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Fleeing and Eluding the Police in Florida

FLEEING OR ATTEMPTING TO ELUDE THE POLICE by LNL Legal, LLC  June 5, 2014 In Florida, the crime of fleeing the police when ordered to stop is a serious offense with several interesting factors which elevate the status of this offense beyond the “pedestrian” so to speak. The government must prove that the accused person […]

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Do it Yourself Will…..a Big Mistake

The Florida Supreme Court renders a decision highlighting what can happen when people rely on non-lawyers to create wills and advance planning documents. The old saying rings true…The lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.  This case points out that the do it yourself-er is really set up for significant trouble. At […]

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