About e-Lawyer

The attorneys at e-Lawyer recognize that the time for online legal services is now. We have developed an innovative way to use technology to practice law online without sacrificing the many benefits of the attorney-client relationship in the traditional law office.

We are not a “do it yourself” solution. We are lawyers. Many people are not getting what they need with other online legal solutions like Legal Zoom and other form sites. There is simply no substitute for the judgment and guidance of a licensed attorney. Online legal We do not sell forms. We custom draft your legal documents. We provide online legal advice in a secure communications center where a record of your legal questions and the attorney’s answers are kept. Your documents are reviewed by our attorneys before delivery.

You have access to the documents you create in your online “client file”. If you lose the originals, just reprint and sign them again. This is a clear advantage to the traditional law office arrangement where it is questionable whether you could even get access to your file and even more questionable whether you could get a fresh copy for free.

The clearest advantage to our online legal solution is price. With e-Lawyer you get the assistance, guidance and back up of an attorney at an affordable price.