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e-Lawyer’s new legal service…TRADEMARK LAW

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Welcome to the latest e-Lawyer service… Registration, maintenance and monitoring of Trademarks.

Your ideas are unique and registering your intellectual property is an essential part of your business success.


Your idea means business.  We want to be your Trademark Attorneys!

your idea means business


You are unique and so is your business.  Trademarks protect the business identity that belongs to you.

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Ideas are hard to come by and should be protected.  Trademarks put the world on notice that you have a claim to the ideas that are yours.

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Trademark law is a specialized area of practice.  The rules are complex and unforgiving.  Trademark attorneys are trained and experienced in handling the legal issues presented in each client’s circumstances.



When you start a business, you know what you know.  Trust an attorney whose business is trademarks to handle what you don’t know.

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The process of registering your trademark has several steps.  These steps are largely in control of the United States Patent and Trademark Office “USPTO” which is staffed with examining attorneys.

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Your brand is the face of your business.  It’s what new customers will remember when they think of you.  Trademarks are just part of your Brand.  Trademarks ARE your brand.

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Only after your Trademark is approved are you allowed to usse the “R” symbol which lets the world know you have a registered trademark.

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Business success is a puzzle with many pieces.  Your brand is an essential piece and by protecting it with a trademark, you can worry about the rest of the pieces.

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The process of registering a trademark is not for the inexperienced.  The USPTO issues several warnings for do it yourselfers that an attorney’s guidance could mean the difference between success and failure.

USPTO is not for beginners



Branding is essential for making your business stand out from the competition.  Often the only true difference between competitive business is perception.  It’s important that your business identity sets you apart from the crowd.




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What is the benefit of registering a trademark?

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Our attorneys will do everything they can to make our clients feel comfortable and satisfied with our law firm

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We represent Trademark applicants from around the world.


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Intellectual property is a complicated business that should be left to the professionals.


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Ownership of the trademark is a question that we can help you answer.  Who owns the trademark is like ownership of any business asset.

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Registered trademarks can be assigned.  Our office is experienced in handling assignment of your mark.
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As with any area of the law, if you try

to represent yourself, you have a fool for a client.

Success is complicated and can be elusive.  There are many factors at play.


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Your business identity needs to be protected.  Our attorneys will play a key role in your efforts to keep your IP strong.

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Copyright law is not a function of the USPTO.  The US copyright office administers copyright registrations.

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Trust our law firm to help you make the most out of your ideas.


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When starting a business, you need to think ahead.  What is the long term goal?  How can I get there?  Your brand is an integral part of the big business picture.

e-Lawyer is part of your strategy

Beware of solicitations from companies who are not attorneys or law firms.  They are not bound by the rules of ethics.  You may not be getting what you think you are…

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