Total Legal Advertisements are not Upfront


So I decided to see if a Total Legal Last will and Testament was really free.

The landing page from the AdWords link took me to the beginning of the free will process.  So far its free.  No reason to expect that at the end of the process I wouldn’t get my free will.  I began answering questions. I answered some questions with answers that would raise red flags to any lawyer who knows what he/she is doing.

I disinherited my spouse, I disinherited my minor child.  I made my child’s mother as guardian of my child.  All problems I would need to know about as a client.  I was eagerly anticipating reading this masterpiece of legal malpractice that Total Legal would give me.

At the end of the questioning I  was presented with a  payment screen.  No free will without entering a credit card.  No free will without registering for the Total Legal monthly plan.  The will is free but only if I cancel the plan.

Malpractice aside I felt misled.  Wouldnt if be more fair to tell the client about the strings attached to the “free.”

Our online Law firm quotes reasonable upfront flat fees that include all the extras.  No strings.


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